Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Instagram: June 2014

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Finally got myself the Make Up Revolution dupe of the Naked 3 palette. An amazing way to try the shades of the palette on a cashier's wage Got a pair of Vans in the Very sale and marvelled at how much it's like putting your feet in a cloud Watched two sopping wet labradors rough it out after a day at the lake Got my hands on my very first Clinique Chubby Stick thanks to Glamour magazine Had a root beer at an american diner and wished that they sold it here more widley Saw some shy alpacas at Millets Farm So happy to pass 200 followers! Got this rare nice picture of Tessa wanting some attention Got my nan this cute card and a copy of The Fault In Our Stars for her birthday Love Oasis shirts, especially this happy air balloon print Got a really awesome tip at work Another alpaca we nicknamed Tina at Lotmead Farm Bumming around Bristol for the day My favourite treat of lately is strawberries, oats, honey and greek yogurt. Absolutely heavenly I don't get a chance to get dressed up much, so I took a picture of my make up on my boyfriend's birthday Zip lined over this gorgeous, blue quarry last month

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

9 Reasons I Am Utterly Obsessed With Marilyn Monroe

 photo tumblr_mumrnr3uZS1qakh43o4_250.gif 

She was a gifted comedy actress. My favourite comedic performance of hers is in The Prince And The Showgirl, especially the bit where she gets sloshed on champagne and talks to herself.

She made pale skin beautiful. You can see her at her palest in the movie Bus Stop, where she looks almost as if she could be made of paper. This was done to emphasise her character's fragility.

 photo tumblr_mg1tk38GwX1rul956o1_500.gif

Material possessions weren't important to her. In photos, you'll often see her dripping in fur and diamonds, but in reality she owned a modest home in Brentwood, California and died with a mere $5,000 in her bank account.

 photo tumblr_me0lfxnx551qfy2kdo1_500.gif 

She believed in equality. She agreed to sit in the front row of club Mocambo every night if they booked Ella Fitzgerald to sing and when asked about her rumoured affair with acting coach Natasha Lytess, she replied 'no sex is wrong if there's love in it.'

 photo tumblr_n6f2kzavFG1qa70eyo3_250.gif

She was a flawed human being, nowadays she would have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and would often embellish and romanticise her upbringing to gain sympathy from the press.

She was a master at make up and would spend hours in front of the mirror sculpting her famous lips with layered shades of lipstick and modelling her sultry eyes on Greta Garbo's.

 photo tumblr_n6f2kzavFG1qa70eyo7_250.gif

Her beauty and radiance is unrivalled, just google a picture of her without make up and you'll see what I mean!

She was a book worm. She would often have her head in a copy of The Brothers Karamakov on set and carried Abraham Lincoln's autobiography with her.

 photo VMS9dEAJLSZ8RcEkYh0YocA-qkA.gif

Despite her amazing career, she was a very sickly woman. She suffered with painful endometriosis which led to the insertion of a clause in her filming contracts not to work during her period. She also carried a scar on her belly from the beginning of her career due to surgery and you can see the scar in her last photoshoot.

What do you think of Marilyn Monroe?

Friday, 18 July 2014

Friday Fancies

My obsession with peonies has only gotten worse after finding new ways to put them around the home like these string fairy lights!

I spotted this flippin' cool frog prince wash bag on Ellis Tuesday and have added it to my arm long wish list.

I'm not really a watch wearer, but these Olivia Burton watches have me lusting after all her designs.

I love the pop of leopard print to this outfit in the form of these relaxed slip ons!

The shoes, the socks...hell, even the wallpaper!

Lastly, if you watch Game Of Thrones, you'll appreciate that even the beautiful Daenerys does derp face sometimes. Lol!

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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Places To Visit In London

places to visit in london

Back when I was a poor student, me and my boyfriend used to take our annual holiday in the city of London and sightsee on a budget. They were great times of discovering new places and streets and running around free museums like little kids. I must have visited London ten times now since we got together, it's my all time favourite place to go, so will be reiterating some of my favourite haunts in the capital.

places to visit in london

places to visit in london

Portobello Market 

Nothing embodies the charm of London like one of it's best street markets. If you love vintage fashion, or collecting trinkets for the home, then you need to pop along to Notting Hill and trawl the stalls. Just make sure you have cash to hand as there isn't a card machine in sight!

places to visit in london

Cafe Du Hong Kong

If you've ever been to China Town, you'll know that there is no shortage of restaurants and will often see staff standing outside trying to lure you in with their deals. Cafe Du Hong Kong is a laid back place with all the good eats I look for in a Chinese. It has a relaxed living room style upstairs with lots of light and colourful, easy to understand menus. I always make sure to pop in for some lemon Ribena, steamed egg yolk buns and egg foo yung before hitting the busy streets again. Just remember to bring a little extra money for the mandatory service charge. 

places to visit in london

Covent Garden

I could happily spend all day mooching about Covent Garden, shopping, dining and watching the street performers. (Did you know that they have to audition first to perform?!) One obvious reason to visit is that it's the home of the Lush flagship store and it is the coolest shops you will ever visit. 

places to visit in london

The Prospect Of Whitby

I love London's historic buildings, and this pub is definitely one to visit as it's one of the oldest riverside pubs in the city and managed to survive the Great Fire to boot. It has all the things I miss about current pubs, including a lack of widescreen tvs, a dogs friendly policy and an array of ropes, wheels and lanterns hanging from the ceiling to commemorate it's 'Devil's Tavern' past. You can sit on the balcony overlooking the Thames and the sinister infamous noose directly outside the pub. 

places to visit in london

World Zombie Day

If you fancy dressing up, donning fake blood, getting drunk and walking around London scaring strangers then you need to get down to London October 12th. It's a pub crawl featuring organisers and a zombie horde put on every year to raise money for the homeless. It's a laugh, and as long as you follow the Zombie Code Of Conduct then you will have an amazing day scaring locals and making the police giggle. 

What are your favourite places in London?

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