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Meet Ming (The Merciless)

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

meet ming

Here is my new addition to the family, a Bearded Dragon called Ming, or Ming The Merciless to use her full title. The biggest question I tend to get with people is why a lizard? It all started with a compromise with my boyfriend Dale. It started out that I wanted a pet, but he isn't an animal lover, but if he HAD to get a pet it would be a reptile. With a bit of research on the best and friendliest reptile to get for beginners, the idea of a Bearded Dragon was born. With a little advice from my reptile-enthusiast friend, I realised how overpriced and over-bred Beardies tend to be, so adopting from a previous owner who no longer could look after their lizard was my best bet. I joined a 'Reptiles For Sale Or Wanted' page on Facebook (I didn't know they existed either) and trawled through for a month until I found a girl my age begrudgingly re-homing her Beardie with all the set up.

I'm really glad I was so fussy when choosing my lizard as after weeks of rejecting any that were photographed on sand, in an un-clean or small enclosure or were generally iffy looking, Ming was worth it and her sweet, trusting nature is a testament to how she was handled as a hatchling.

The frustrating part of the adoption was trying to educate myself about caring for a species I knew nothing about. I was close to tearing my hair out trying to read through all the information so that I could keep my Beardie happy and healthy and hearing horror stories about parasites and Metabolic Bone Disease that can develop without the correct lighting! All the information sunk in eventually and now I could tell you what percentage of uvb, what bulb wattage, what pet brands are good and questionable and all the foods you can and cannot feed it right off the top of my head, should you ever feel the need to ask. 

After all that, taking care of an exotic animal that places it's trust in you is so satisfying. Things that I thought I would hate like feeding worms and crickets are oddly satisfying because of how much she enjoys them (or is that just me being morbid). I love waking up in the morning, switching her lights on and seeing her lazily blink her eyes open and come towards me in her tank. When I first gave her a bath and she fell asleep on me wrapped in her towel in front of the telly I knew I was in love. 

bearded dragon on a reptile hammock

bearded dragon bath


7 Ways To Refresh Your Make Up Storage With IKEA

Sunday, 18 January 2015

As a trip to Ikea was on the cards, I thought it was high time to use the opportunity to refresh my make up stash a little. I love Ikea because there is so much customisation available with the home stuff and at a nice price too.

IKEA Make Up Storage Ideas

With the attractiveness of my make up table and my ever growing make up brush collection in mind, I picked up a simple Kanist vase and some Kulört crystals to hold the brushes upright. The Kulört crystals are a little more expensive than the other decorative sands you can get, but they're much prettier in the vase.

IKEA Make Up Storage Ideas

Perfumes are pretty as they are, but rather than have precious potions strewn about the place, I now have them neat and tidy on a ceramic tray. It just makes it look more structured I think.

IKEA Make Up Storage Ideas

Another Ikea classic is the humble Skurar plant pot that can be used for anything from make up brushes to stationary or bits and bobs on a bookshelf. I chose to chuck a few of my nail polishes in there for the time being.
IKEA Make Up Storage Ideas

IKEA Make Up Storage Ideas

Lastly, I had to bring Ikea's acrylic Godmorgon sets home for my drawers. They are £10 and £15 for either a set of five square, lidded boxes for cotton buds etc. and a box with compartments and a lift out tray inside which has enough little pockets to keep me happy.


January Sales Booty

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

First I must apologise for using the word 'booty'. I don't tend to go mad at sales as I'm usually all shopped out after December Christmas shopping madness, but there were a few bits that I couldn't leave on the shelf (and they wouldn't have remained there long). At Debenhams I got a Korres Sleeping Beauty gift set I'd had my eye on from the beginning of December. The packaging is so lovely and the clear pouch is re-usable. I also thought I'd get the Bare Minerals Complexion Superstars which includes five full size products for a bargainous 30 pounds. Lastly I found a nice tea dress at Dorothy Perkins with silky, soft material and a slightly elasticated back to give a nice, flattering shape. 

Did you get anything in the sales?

What I Got For Christmas

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Hi everyone, apparently there's a lot of controversy surrounding these kinds of posts which I don't fully understand. It's no secret that you get given gifts at Christmas, people! I'm incredibly thankful that I am in a position where I have spare money to buy my wonderful friends and family gifts at Christmas and receive some myself and make absolutely no apology for that. Now with that little disclaimer out the way (not that these posts even need disclaimers!) I will get on with the post.

I have been completely blown away by all the amazing presents I've been given - I am not worthy! I especially love my special edition books, 'I'm Kind Of A Big Deal On My Blog' t-shirt, Stila Creme Bouquet perfume, Lumix tablet and Peony Fairy Lights.

Pandora House Charm

Turqoise Fox Necklace

Flower Farm Orange Blossom Body Wash

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas 

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