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The Beauty Jargon Dictionary

Saturday, 15 March 2014

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When you get interested in beauty, and I mean really, really interested you discover a kind of different language and community. I am by no means a beauty expert, but I thought I would lay out here some handy terms and phrases I've learned for a bit of fun.

'Apple Of The Cheek'-The full, round, fleshy part of the cheek. Where you have to aim the blush, basically.

'Cakey'-A term used for an area of the face where too much of a product has been applied and the end result is dry, slightly flakey skin.

'Contour Line'-The crevice directly below the cheek bone. Can be found by sucking in the cheeks to place bronzer for a more defined finish.

'Dewy'-A result many try to achieve by using sheer or luminous products to give a natural glow to the face. Only placing powder sparingly, or spritzing toner at the end of your make up routine can help achieve this.

'Depot'-The act of pulling a pressed powder (e.g. blush or eyeshadow) out of it's original packaging and putting into a palette for ease of use or travelling.

'Doe Foot'-The applicator usually found in lip gloss with a tapered end and flat side for easy distribution on the lips.

'Dupe'-A budget or highstreet product of similar colour and finish to a high end make up product.

'Feathering'-When a lipstick or other lip product strays beyond the natural lip line during wear.

'Hit Pan'-The term used to describe an eyeshadow that has been used enough to form a dip in the powder.

'Swatch'-Not just a brand of watches. This is any beauty product (namely eyeshadow, eyeliner and lipstick) drawn onto the arm or hand to show real product on skin result.

'Stained Eyes'-When a person's eyelids are a different shade to the rest of their face due to veins sitting close to the service.

'Stripe Test'-The term for putting different shades of foundation onto your jawline and seeing which disappears in the natural light to determine the closest shade to your skin. (See swatching)

'Z Palette'-A brand which has a variety of insert-free magnetic palettes ready to store any brand of depotted product. (See depot)

Can you think of any jargon phrases I've missed?


  1. Good one, I actually didn't know about ''feathering'' :) Maybe you could also include the my-lips-but-better and cat flick :)

    1. Oh yes! Can't believe I forgot MLBB, that's one I've recently learned too :)

  2. I love this! such a great idea! xx

  3. I definately know what cakey means! My skin is a nightmare at the moment and cakeyness is too common!


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